Meet our anti-bullying committee...Anti Bullying Committee

A message from the anti-bullying team...

"We are the anti-bullying committee. We are striving to make Brambleside a bully-free zone, and to make the school a better place. Our job is to look out for signs of bullying, and to be a friend to everyone."

We use STOP to help us understand bullying, what to do if we think it is happening:



The Brambleside Anti-bullying committee, along with the School Council team, are working together to think of new ideas to help ensure children feel safe and happy at our school. The first idea is 'Buddy Benches' to give children a place to sit during break or lunch time if they need a friend or someone to talk to.

Bullying is taken very seriously at Brambleside School. If you have any concerns about your child, do not hesitate to contact the school to discuss these, and please encourage your child to do the same.

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