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Curriculum Principles

Principles of the Brambleside Primary School curriculum

Brambleside Primary School’s core curriculum content is a spaced and interleaved sequence for Art, Design and Technology, French, Geography, History, Music and Science. This is made up of a long term sequence that is supported by evidence-led learning modules and high-quality teaching resources that clearly outline what pupils should know, be able to do and remember at key points in their Primary education.

Our English curriculum is evidence informed and carefully sequenced, which maps core content in Reading and Writing across the primary journey, ensuring that learning is taught and revisited over time so that pupils commit their understanding to the long-term memory.

At Brambleside Primary School, we follow the White Rose Maths Scheme of Work. The White Rose Maths curriculum is designed to provide children with a solid foundation in mathematics. The primary curriculum puts a significant emphasis on mathematical skills, curriculum content has to be well sequenced in order to promote a depth of understanding. We develop children’s conceptual understanding of mathematics by using concrete objects, pictorial representations and abstract thinking.

Curriculum principles

  1. Our ambition is to erode deficits in cultural capital.
  2. Our priority is to improve teaching through evidence-led structure and practice, so that all children get amazing teaching.
  3. Our end goal is for all children to succeed, regardless of their starting points.

We have defined the content that pupils will learn, subject by subject. These are the headlines for the sequence. We have designed a cumulative curriculum structure, starting with EYFS provision, ensuring prior knowledge is always a pre-cursor to a study. Teachers can then make skilful connections to prior knowledge as they are aware of the previous studies, over time, and they make the most of the ‘Big ideas’ maps that we use to navigate the sequence of the study.

In the long-term sequence, we have deliberately planned relevant inter-subject connections that complement each other. Spaced retrieval practice has been incorporated to ensure areas of study are revisited, deepened and sophisticated. These need revisiting for clarification and sophistication.

English is concentrically planned with an impressive rich literature spine comprising ambitious texts that inspire and challenge pupils. It is systematically mapped to enable children to experience breadth and depth of social, moral and ethical dimensions as well as a wide range of authors and protagonists. These dimensions explore - Continuity of author, Heritage text, BAME author or protagonist, Strong female role model, Specific social, ethical, moral issue.

Writing draws on taught content from across the curriculum and from the depth study of core texts from the literature spine. Reading is deliberately designed to be ambitious and aspirational, ensuring that every child leaves our school as a competent, confident reader. Children will receive a daily diet of excellent reading teaching and this will be supplemented by regular opportunities to engage with shared reading experiences, promoting the joy of reading with the whole school community.

Please see our full Curriculum Statement below.