A tribute to Captain Sir Tom Moore

We lost a national treasure to COVID 19 last week. Captain Sir Tom Moore raised nearly £39 million for NHS carers and frontline workers.  His actions inspired people across the world, and he hoped that he might inspire a new generation of “Captain Toms”.  With that in mind, and to celebrate his life, Brambleside are launching a fundraising appeal in his honour.

“Show some heart and take part”

Brambleside’s 100 Laps for Captain Sir Tom

By taking a little bit of Sir Tom’s warm hearted spirit, we are inviting children to replicate Sir Tom’s 100 lap garden challenge with their very own sponsored 100 lap event.  Each lap your child walks or runs will represent a year of Sir Tom’s colourful life.

Where?  Children to walk or run around a lap of their choice.  This could be laps of your garden, laps of your local park, block or even the living room!  Laps could be built into their PE sessions too whether your children are learning from home or at school.

When? 100 laps to be completed by the 15th March.  Space it out as you wish.  You can do it all in one day or over a few days, maybe during your allocated P.E. lesson times, or over half term? Whatever suits you!  The important thing is to get active, have fun and complete a total of 100 laps for this good cause.

“Show some heart and take part”

Where will the money go? Just like Sir Tom, we will raise money for our NHS. Specifically, fundraising for KETTERING GENERAL HOSPITAL’S (KGH) LOCAL COVID-19 FUND. By putting money back into our local community we help KGH’s brave staff and frontline workers who are currently under enormous pressure.  They need funds to help staff cope with emotional drain that they endure daily in order to care for our loved ones. Money raised by our Brambleside 100 Laps Challenge will go directly towards supporting the phycological wellbeing of staff at KGH.  Your sponsorship money will help towards;

  • Funding councillors for their staff to speak to,
  • Guarding against the long-term side effects of current events
  • Create a safe area for staff to take breaks
  • An outdoor exercise area for staff to use
  • A mindfulness practitioner

Alone we can raise a little, together we can raise so much

Tell your friends and family about our 100 lap challenge and see how many people you can get to sponsor your child.  You can choose how much you donate. It doesn’t matter if it is £1 or £10, every pound raised with go into one big pot.  You can donate anonymously or leave your name or your child’s name.  The important thing is for your child to take part, get active, have fun.

How to donate:

Brambleside have set up a dedicated online fundraising page for this challenge.   This means every single penny your raise will go directly to the COVID-19 fund, no fees and no admin charges.  It is so easy to donate, just click on the link below and you can quickly and easily contribute with a card.  We’ll keep you posted of how much we’ve raised each week, and together we’ll try and reach our target.

Here is that very important link you’ll need to make a donation…

Click Here!

This is a chance for Brambleside to display community spirit; to show how we pull together, unite and can raise money for people we care for, giving thanks to both Sir Tom and our local NHS heroes. 

Any questions?

Please contact the school office if you have any questions or need any help.

Thank you in advance for taking part.

Let’s do this Team Brambleside!