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Homework Letters

2SR Class

The 2SR team are:  Mrs S Robinson, Mrs J Esslemont and Mrs A Villette.

The children 'grown' in our class take responsibility for their own learning in our independent environment.  This provides them with the essential skills they require as they continue their school journey.

Year 2 is an extremely important year for the children.  Statutory Attainment Tests measure progress in the Summer Term.  We therefore expect children to read every day, complete differentiated maths and English homework and sometimes to complete an extra project set over a term.

The learning and growing together that takes place in 2SR also includes the development of feelings and emotions.  We are all committed to ensuring that the climate in our classroom is safe, respectful and, most importantly, enjoyable!

We can't wait to work with the parents and carers of our children.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries about your child's learning.