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Homework Letters

6LH Class

In 6LH you will find 28 fantastic year six children. Our class motto is: Believe in what you can be. We are an incredible mix of personalities. Despite our differences, we all get on well and our class feels like a friendly family. We are encouraged to work with different people, which helps us to see things from different perspectives: it is fascinating to be constantly learning more about our classmates.

We love working our socks off, especially in Maths. We love the challenges we are faced with and enjoy finding a solution when we are applying our skills to real life problems. As well as all the hard work in the classroom, we have many talents outside the classroom: we play a range of different musical instruments (Mrs Holt is exceptional on the triangle); many of us are dedicated to our fitness, playing a wide range of sports; we also have dazzling dancers, amazing actors and soulful singers.