Our school uniform is 'Brambleside Blue'.

Embroidered sweatshirts, polo shirts and fleece jackets can be purchased from http://www.yourschooluniform.com/">www.your-schooluniform.co.uk

Our uniform, from September 2016,  is as follows: 

  • navy embroidered sweatshirt
  • white embroidered polo shirt
  • navy embroidered fleece / waterproof jacket 
  • grey skirt, school trousers or shorts 
  • navy summer school dresses
  • navy cardigans (optional)
  • appropriate socks/tights (e.g. white, navy, grey)
  • sensible school shoes in appropriate colours 
  • sensible and appropriately coloured hair accessories
  • navy baseball cap or white sun hat 
  • PE and book bags are also available.

We believe that children wearing uniform is part of discipline; a uniform contributes to a common value and identity system within a school and we aim for 100% turnout.  All children are therefore encouraged to wear the school uniform.